Online Payday Loans -Gulfproperties.Net Sat, 29 Aug 2020 13:06:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cash payday loans online -Gan you get a payday loan online Sat, 01 Feb 2020 16:59:05 +0000 A surety is a form of security for the repayment of receivables and may relate to the entire debt, its part or a specific amount of payday. In such a contract, the guarantor undertakes to settle the claim if the principal debtor fails to do so on time.

There are various forms of securing the lender’s interests. Every money lending company wants to be sure that it will receive interest with interest from the debtor on the agreed date. This applies to both banks granting loans and non-bank entities providing payday loans.

Gan you get a payday loan online

A payday loan is a quick online loan that works best in the event of short-term financial problems.

Usually, instant payday loans poor credit doesn’t require complicated formalities to sign up. The application for a payday loan online is carried out quickly and completely via the internet by configuring… The money is credited to the customer’s account after having completed the form and specifying the amount and repayment date.

The surety is a form of security for the repayment of money borrowed. The signing of such a contract obliges the analyst to transfer money to the creditor’s account in the event that the debtor, e.g. the payday, does not pay the amount due on time.

Legal surety for a loan

Legal surety for a loan

The guarantee institution is regulated by the Civil Code (Articles 876-887). It takes the form of a bilateral agreement concluded by the creditor (e.g. bank, loan company) with a resident and can be approved without the participation of the main debtor.

Under pain of nullity, the person confirming the possibility of assuming the commitment of another person must submit a relevant statement in writing; verbal bail will be void. The guarantor is liable to the lender as a joint and several debtors. This means that when the debtor is late paying his debts, his debt becomes a burden for the giant.

Under banking law, the lender must immediately notify the guarantor that the principal debtor is late with the payment. Making a deposit or canceling it automatically terminates the contract.

The loan does not need to cover the entire debt. An analyst can guarantee only a certain part of the claim or a specific amount – such information must, however, be included in the contract, in the part regarding the extent of the responsibility of the girrant.

Payday surety is not always required

And nstytucj an e-bank it borrows money without a guarantor and. They transfer funds directly to the customer’s account, which does not even have to leave the house to obtain a loan. The whole procedure is carried out remotely, using the Internet and telephone.

To take a payday loan online, all you need is your ID card and bank account number. Lenders carefully check the identity of the client. For this, they use, for example, a verification transfer, which usually amounts to PLN 1 or PLN 0.1.

Therefore, when applying for a loan online, be careful of bidders who require higher verification fees. They could be crooks.

Loans without interest, myth or reality? Sun, 19 Jan 2020 10:34:52 +0000 We all at some point have been in the painful situation of having to ask for a loan or a loan, we usually borrow money from those close to whom we know that we should not pay interest or commissions since we have the mistaken idea that banks They charge high interest rates and then we will be in a debt that we can not pay, but what would happen if I say that it is now possible to apply for a loan without interest and that cash is also made immediately ?, would you think What is just a joke?

Well, we inform you that interest-free loans are things of the future and of course they are already being implemented, if you are interested in this topic we invite you to pay close attention to what we will explain below.

Loans without commissions are no longer a myth and are at the hands of all of us, but before getting excited about the idea, it is necessary to know a little more about these credits so as not to bring pleasant surprises. As in any contract it is necessary to read the small letters, for these loans as well.

How do these Free Credits arise?

How do these Free Credits arise?

These arise as an idea of ​​the lenders to provide a quality service to their customers, these small sums of money provided help the person who needs it to solve specific problems, this is quite beneficial when we are in a hurry and at the moment we do not We have the money, but this does not mean that it will take years to pay off the debt.

With these quick loans, it is quite true that companies do not earn a percentage of money because, as already mentioned above, it does not generate interest and the same amount borrowed is the same as the one you return, nor do they have the main idea of ​​losing money. It is a mutual help between those companies that lend money and you.

These credits are attractive to a large number of people, which is why many more companies are implementing this system every day. However, these credits are not high sums of money, since they are proper to solve specific and unforeseen problems, these generally range between small amounts such as 50 dollars minimum and 800 dollars as a top loan.

Now, how can we differentiate normal loans to loans without commission?

This is quite simple, what you should do is look at the contract you will sign, try to find somewhere in the text that is free of TAE and TIN, this means that you will not have to pay an additional expense for the money you will receive. The most important thing is to pay attention to the contract.

Applying for a loan is just as important as paying it. And if you needed it at a time, you cannot expect that the lender or bank does not need it back. This type of low-cost credits or also called mini-credits, must be paid in a stipulated period that will be previously set in the contract, you must be aware of the deadline for payment since from this you will have to pay commissions for delay and breach of contract. Avoid making a loan that at one time out of trouble become a headache. You must be absolutely sure that you have the possibility to pay the money that was granted.

What should you do if you want a loan or credit without commissions?

What should you do if you want a loan or credit without commissions?

This is not at all cumbersome and the documents or requirements requested are very simple. Many companies have the possibility of having a web page through which customers have the possibility to make their requests online. But, in case the company through which you want to request the credit does not own, you can approach the offices and request it personally.

The required documents are:

  • The amount for which we are going to ask for the credit, this of course must be previously evaluated by yourself and be aware that you have the ability to pay for that amount of money.
  • Personal data that allow the bank or company to know a little about you, data or documents such as: full name, identity document, contact number and your email.
  • Report of your finances. This loan must have documents or documents that guarantee that you receive a certain fixed amount of money, this point is the most important since the lenders will study whether or not you are a reliable person and whether or not you should borrow money.

Once all these steps have been completed successfully, you must wait for the answer, it usually does not take long to take. It is probable that they will be awarded in a maximum of 48 hours. Of course, this money will only be allocated to those who have met all the requirements and are also seen in a good way by those who carried out the financial study.

This money, if assigned, will be directly transferred to a bank account, after you have it in the account you will have the possibility to dispose of it. Having the complete certainty that you will have to pay it in the time previously stipulated.

It is worth mentioning that those who opt for the loan or credit must be citizens and residents, must have a minimum age of 18 years and must have a stable income level.

Despite all the previously mentioned warnings regarding the payment date, many companies have the possibility to extend the payment date and even have the opportunity to offer their customers comfortable fees to their customers.

With nothing more to add, I hope you enjoyed this little compilation about what you should know about loans without fees or interest and helped you decide whether or not it is the best option for you.

Request Personal Payday Loan Wed, 15 Jan 2020 10:43:49 +0000 Asking for a payday loan when we are in a difficult economic situation is no reason to be ashamed. We may, at some point in our life, go through an economic downturn that costs us more than expected to leave and therefore we need financial help.

We serve people who are in a difficult economic situation and who must meet unexpected and urgent payments. Even people who appear on the delinquency list because they have not been able to deal with payments and debts.

Payday loan tranquility

Loan tranquility

Far from being the type of peace of mind loan that traditional banking offers, in our consultancy we offer the mortgage loan to people who, due to various circumstances, have not been able to access traditional banking to obtain a mortgage loan. And not only that, but they find themselves in situations in which they should attend to payments that they did not expect and immediate.

In our consultancy you can obtain the cheapest mortgage in the private capital market from 8% interest. A mortgage loan that allows payments to be paid quickly because in just 48 hours you will have absolute economic peace of mind.

Requirements and procedures to obtain a quiet payday loan

Requirements and procedures to obtain a quiet loan

We only ask you to have a home paid or with a small amount of mortgage pending to apply for this type of loan. It is not a requirement that you have a payroll or an endorsement and as we commented at the beginning of the article, being or not on the list of delinquent is not a reason not to attend people who go through a bad economic time.

Advantages of applying for a payday  loan

  • Loan management throughout the country. Wherever you are, you can count on us so we can help you and advise you if you need to apply for a quick payday loan.
  • Urgent money in just 48 hours. And we know how important immediacy is when there is a situation in which immediate payments must be addressed. Therefore, we offer several ways of contact for our clients and fast money.
  • Full trust in our customers. Our consultancy does lend you money even if you are in files of delinquent type. Being on this type of list means that traditional banks and other companies directly reject the possibility of offering a loan to people who are looking for a quick economic solution by placing their trust in them.
  • Experience in the sector and young team of overturned professionals. We have a young professional and multidisciplinary team made up of financial advisors, collegiate real estate agents and lawyers specialized in real estate law who have experience in the financial legal sector. A team of people willing to help you and fulfill your dreams (but above all that speaks your language).
  • Personalized advice and management. Each of our clients is unique and therefore deserves a totally close, transparent, simple and personalized treatment. We know that most of our clients are not going through a good time and that is why, when they need it most, it is when we have to make things easy for them by offering a loan with flexibility in terms, installments and 48 hours.
  • No need for payroll or guarantees. Another of the requirements set by traditional banking is the need to have a payroll or a guarantee that ensures customer support. We give you peace of mind because we can help you, even if you don’t have an endorsement or payroll.
  • Guarantee when returning the money. Do you have a home? We offer you the possibility of returning the money with total comfort and without stress or stress.
  • Committed to the dreams of our customers. With a totally transparent communication because we inform our clients at all times of the whole process, we work together with them to fulfill their dreams. We commit to each of the projects and listen and help each of the people who contact us seeking help.
  • No expensive paperwork. We also take care of managing all notarial deeds that are related to inheritance, sales, mortgage cancellations, settlement of earnings, among others, so you do not worry about anything. And with years of experience as managers, we know the sector and take care of all the procedures prior to the signing of the Mortgage Loan, Appraisal, Simple Note, Technical – Legal Report, delivery of the minutes of the Bank to the Notary and all this always in contact with the directors of each office and attending all the firms.

If you need to apply for a mortgage loan urgently or any type of loan, do not hesitate to contact our consultancy so that our team can advise you and help you in this regard. We always have an outlet for each of our clients.

Bank offers 8000 USD Credit Mon, 13 Jan 2020 12:05:06 +0000 Approval and a low interest rate

Many loan providers offer a loan of 8,000 USD. As a consumer, you have a choice. But not every offer really stands up to a comparison. The conditions for an 8000 USD loan can be quite different and so it is worth comparing. An online comparison quickly clarifies which providers really have interesting offers at low interest rates. In addition, it is always clear that there are big differences in the acceptance rate. While some providers try to convince with a high acceptance rate and high interest rates, the overall package is right with other providers. The three cheapest providers for an 8000 USD loan are currently Credit Bank, online credit and Agree Bank.

All three providers convince with immediate approval and a low interest rate. Agree Bank is also showing a relatively good acceptance rate. Credit Bank is in third place in comparison for an 8000 USD loan. The Credit Bank offers interest rates of 4.40 percent and 11.95 percent depending on creditworthiness. For an 8000 USD loan with a term of 48 months, the credit rate is a favorable 181.76 USD if the credit rating is classified as good. The online credit provider is in second place. This provider is very good in the race with an interest rate of 4.35 percent and 10.90 percent.

With a good credit rating, the installment amount is USD 181.58 for a term of 48 months. Only the Agree Bank is even cheaper, which currently ranks first in comparison and leaves many providers far behind. The Agree Bank convinces with credit-related interest rates of 4.29 percent and 9.99 percent. The monthly credit rate is therefore 181.38 percent. Of course, consumers can freely choose the term and thus adapt it to their personal needs. A separate comparison should therefore be carried out for every other loan amount and every other term. This is the only way to be sure that you have always found the cheapest provider for your own credit needs.

Some prerequisites should be met

Some prerequisites should be met

When it comes to an 8000 USD loan that falls into the area of ​​small loans, banks check just as much as with larger loan amounts. The applicant must be at least 18 years old. There should be no negative Credit Bureau entries and a place of residence in Germany is a must. There must also be an employment relationship. The trial period must have ended here, i.e. the employment relationship has existed for more than 6 months.

Time limits are not welcome and are a no-go for banks. An indefinite employment contract is necessary so that uncomplicated borrowing is possible. Some individual providers also request the bank statements of the past few months. This serves as an additional test option for the bank. Since the selection of providers is very large and only request the fewest account statements, consumers naturally have the choice and can choose the appropriate provider.

Forward Loans: Which is the Right Strategy for Borrowing Rates? Sun, 12 Jan 2020 10:17:45 +0000 A forward loan is a kind of insurance against rising interest rates. Insurance costs money, which affects a forward loan in the form of an interest premium. The amount of the interest premium depends on the bank and is also determined by the so-called lead time to time from now until the debit interest rate has expired).

Avoid stumbling blocks when choosing the borrowing rate

Avoid stumbling blocks when choosing the borrowing rate

If the target interest rate of a building loan ends in the next 2 years, you can consider a forward loan. However, if property owners chose different loan modules at the time (eg bank loans and loans), then a certain stumbling block should be avoided.

Example of follow-up financing with a forward loan that has not been thought through

Suppose a property owner divided his mortgage back then into different loan modules for various reasons: two bank loan parts and one loan part. The borrowing rate of all loans ends at the same time after 10 years. Almost two years before the borrowing period expired, only a large part of the remaining debt was covered by a forward loan. So now the follow-up financing of the other two loan parts is due.

And right now, insufficient advice on the forward loan is noticeable: the two other loans now have to be financed by the same bank that accompanied the forward loan. You are in a dependency that could have been avoided in advance. This is based on the land register. The bank of the forward loan receives the first rank. For other banks, this loan is a preload and often makes financing impossible.

Conclusion of follow-up financing with forward loans

Conclusion of follow-up financing with forward loans

Whether a forward loan makes sense depends entirely on the personal security needs of the property owner and the amount of the interest premium. If a forward loan is concluded and there are several loan modules, then the financing should also be considered in full and independently . These include the following questions: What happens to the other parts of the loan if I only conclude a forward loan? Am I bound then? May the dependency harm me? Too often, property owners have no choice but to continue financing from this bank. Not infrequently to their disadvantage.
Do You Have Questions? Then please contact us.

Banks offers 5000 USD Credit. Mon, 23 Dec 2019 12:22:26 +0000 Many people in Germany borrow money from the bank they trust. The most frequently asked for is a 5000 USD loan. Due to this fact, there is a lot of competition between the credit institutions for this amount. This leads to a positive side effect for potential customers. Interest rates are particularly favorable at this loan amount.

Credit comparisons: also and especially with the 5000 USD loan

Credit comparisons: also and especially with the 5000 USD loan

With the abundance of offers, interested parties should take a close look and compare the loan offers thoroughly. There are plenty of opportunities for this. Due to the great competition, you can save a lot of money with the 5000 USD loan, which you have to pay less each month. In particular, the different requirements of customers lead to the need to take a differentiated view of the offers.

Different terms result in different rates

Different terms result in different rates

It is the same with a 5000 USD loan as with any other loan. The amount of the interest rate and thus also the credit rate depends on the length of the term of the loan. The longer you pay back, the higher the interest rate. However, since the repayment period is longer, the credit rate will be lower.

Requirements for a 5000 USD loan

Requirements for a 5000 USD loan

A flawless Credit Bureau is required for a 5000 USD loan. Credit Bureau-free loans are not approved in this amount. In addition, of course, there should be an income with which you can also pay your living in addition to the credit rate according to the guidelines of the respective bank. No loans are granted to young people who have not yet reached the age of 18.

Beware of lock offers

Beware of lock offers

Especially on the Internet there are always offers that advertise with particularly low interest rates. This is the case for all loan amounts, but especially with the so frequently requested 5000 USD you get to deal with such offers more often. They listen and read quite nicely and pretend absolute seriousness.

The low interest rates are often not intended for the loan amount offered. The offer is already becoming more expensive. Since it is so cheap, additional insurance is also included, which usually cannot be refused. So the monthly amount increases quickly and the supposed bargain turns out to be an expensive wrong decision.

Credit Card Account Statement Closing Date Sat, 14 Dec 2019 22:34:13 +0000 Your credit card transactions will be billed to you in time known as the settlement time. The last day of the billing cycle is known as the bank statement submission deadline. Your bank statement date is indicative of a couple of reasons. This is the date financing costs are calculated and added to your balance. It is also the date your bill is prepared. All transactions that you made between the previous bank statement closing date and the current statement closing date will include the settlement that is generated on the bank statement closing date.

Because your credit card statement shows the scales as the bank statement submission deadline, your current credit card balance may differ if you have made purchases or payments since your bank statement is closed. When your payment is due, the payment is printed on your credit card statement.


Account statement Closing date against payment Due date

credit card

Your bank statement closing is not due for your payment. In fact, a few days after your bank statement submission deadline you will have to send at least the minimum credit card payment and be considered on time.

Your due date should be at least 21 days after your bank statement is mailed to you, giving you enough time to make your credit card payment. If you avoid a grace period financing cost, you will pay your balance in full and you will have no interest on your next statement. Your payment falls due on the same calendar day every month, which makes it easier for your payment to be on time.


Credit reporting date

Credit reporting date

Many credit card companies report their account details to the credit bureaus once a month on the key account statement date. This can be particularly important if you are trying to keep your reported balances low, improve your credit score, or get approved for a large loan. The account balance, balance, credit limit, and final payment amount from the last closing account statement are sent to the credit bureau, updated on your credit report and included in your credit score.

If you were late on a previous credit card payment, on payment before your bank statement submission catch-up process will stop you from adding an additional late payment added to your credit report.


When is closing your bank statement date?

credit cards

Knowing your submission deadline can be useful if you want to pay off your balance before your billing cycle ends. This is especially important if you want to reduce your credit for credit agency purposes. Having a low on your credit report – or zeroing – could improve your credit usage and could improve your credit score.

Your credit card statement typically does not include the upcoming closing date, which can make your credit card payments just a little difficult just in time. but you can calculate it by adding the number of days in the billing cycle to the previous bank statement submission deadline (which is on your billing). For example, say that your previous credit card statement had an April 2 account and there are 29 days in your billing cycle. Your next bank statement submission deadline would be May 1st. All transactions between April 3rd and May 1st will be included on your next credit card statement.

The length of the billing cycle can be different for all of your credit cards. If you don’t see the length of the billing cycle on your credit card statement, you can calculate it by subtracting the data from your last billing cycle.

Personal loans without paycheck 2018 Mon, 04 Nov 2019 10:11:45 +0000 Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck: the best offers in progress

Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck: the best offers in progress

You want to carry out your projects, your old washing machine no longer wants to know how to work, it started going around the house during the spin cycle. In short, you can do several things, buy a leash but I see it paradoxical or take a new one but the finances are not exactly the best. Or, you are a musician and that electric bass guitar could change your musical projects. I mean, you need a loan but you don’t have a paycheck? From today, Astro Finance supports you step by step in realizing your desires by offering you different solutions of loans without paychecks.

Let’s start by saying that Astro Finance is a credit company, which has all the financial strength of Best Bank behind it. So you don’t have a paycheck? Astro Finance still grants you a personal loan, putting in condition even those who are in serious difficulties but do not know how to get a loan.

How the Astro Finance loan works without a paycheck

A necessary premise: what does paycheck commonly represent for the various credit companies? The paycheck is a sort of guarantee, for the refund of the financial performance paid by the credit institution. In this sense, the paycheck is configured almost as a prerequisite that small amounts of money, the famous liquidity, are required, which instead requires consolidations, or extinction of previous loans taken out with other companies in the sector. Very often, as a further guarantee, some institutions claim, in addition to the paycheck also the fact that the contractor has had an ongoing contract with the company for several years, better indefinitely with public bodies, another element that increases the guarantee of the employer’s solidity of work.

Now, what is the innovation, I dare say, revolutionary of Astro Finance? First of all, Astro Finance’s corporate mission is to meet the needs of all its customers and for this reason, it does not use the paycheck to disburse the loan if you want and the procedure is so quick and fast that it is possible. activate a loan also online.

The economic capacity of Astro Finance consists of a portfolio of offers to its customers, scalable and suitable for the needs of all users who decide to adhere to their offers: Astro Finance offers clear, transparent, rapid and personalized contracts.

TAN and APR Astro Finance funding without paycheck

Let’s start by saying that the TAN is not a tango danced hastily but it is an acronym that represents precisely the Net Annual Rate while the APR is another acronym that means Global Effective Annual Rate. Having clarified the meaning of the terms, it does not take long to understand that if Astro Finance does not ask for costs of any kind for the return of the amount paid, the TAN becomes very close to the APR, saving the customer a lot over time.

Another thing that Astro Finance offers its customers is the remodeling of the installment after a little time so that the user is much more facilitated in the return. Well, aside from the easy irony, it is clear that the paycheck still offers guarantees but for Astro Finance it is not a problem, it is happy to provide the personal loan without problems.

However, like all credit institutions, as not charities but companies that provide financial services, Astro Finance ensures that its customer is still in a position to be able to return what has been disbursed. They are not restrictive guarantees but protect both the company and the customer. There are conditions in which the client, despite having a certain possibility of covering the loan, is not facilitated in the provision of the loan. Astro Finance is close to customers in all these cases.

Below is a list of the categories of users that Astro Finance would be ready to host at its offices and willingly offer financing. The term “atypical” defines the worker belonging to that professional category who provides occasional collaboration services; among the “atypical” are also professional categories such as coordinated and continuous workers. What is important to clarify about these two professional categories mentioned above is that they often work with contracts that catalog them as self-employed workers and for many credit institutions the guarantees they offer to cover the credit disbursed are not sufficient. Another professional category is part-time workers who for the above reasons cannot guarantee adequate guarantees.

For students, Astro Finance offers a very interesting product called “Comevoglio, young projects” which provides for a very advantageous offer at the age of eighteen to thirty-five.

Another professional category is part-time workers who for the above reasons cannot guarantee adequate guarantees.

  • unemployed;
  • black-collar workers who despite having an income do not have a formal paycheck;
  • housewives.

Other categories are the unemployed, undeclared workers who have no way to prove it and housewives in the face of an income wage. However, these three categories require a guarantor, friends, relatives or a mortgage with a value commensurate with the amount requested.

Last thing, for a Astro Finance loan without a paycheck you must be at least eighteen and not more than seventy-five and you must be an Italian citizen with a bank account.

How much is Astro Finance willing to pay you

Prafrasando a very popular advertising, Astro Finance gives you all its gold. Aside from the easy irony, a very significant and, I would say, rather innovative feature of Astro Finance compared to other credit institutions is that there are no maximum amounts in the disbursement of credit, but the maximum funding ceiling is variable, in relation to the guarantees submitted by the user. Another innovative thing is the fact that it is not necessary to specify why a sum of money is requested from the institution as the loan is not “aimed” at the purchase of a specific product or good. Or rather, not necessarily. Yes, it can also happen that you want to buy a TV so in the store you can request to pay a certain good with Astro Finance. And of course, in that case, the loan will be finalized. In any case, come and find Astro Finance, the professionals in the office will be able to advise you on the product that best suits your needs, providing you with a taylor made solution.

Why choose Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck?

Why choose Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck?

Who can apply for personal loans without Astro Finance paycheck? The loans without paychecks are funding aimed at people who do not have an employment contract of indefinite duration. In principle, these are credit lines that allow access to sums of up to $ 20 thousand, repayable with a multi-year amortization plan (always less than 10 years).

To obtain this type of financing it is necessary to produce guarantees alternative to the paycheck, such as for example a property on which to affix a mortgage or a rent received on a home owned by a third party. Self-employed workers can access these loans by submitting their tax return.

Those who are not in possession of any of these guarantees can instead resort to the figure of a guarantor, who can count on a demonstrable fixed income, whose function is to repay the debt in case of insolvency by the applicant.

Loans for home renovation

Among the various financial companies that offer personal loans without paychecks, Astro Finance stands out, offering various credit lines for the purchase of goods or services. The payable amount, which varies from product to product, is between 3 and 25 thousand USD.

Also very interesting is the offer that provides for the granting of personal loans without Astro Finance paychecks for the financing of home renovation works. In this case, the maximum amount that can be financed is 60 thousand USD (minimum one thousand USD) to be repaid with an amortization plan that cannot exceed 108 months.

Installment jump and installment change options

The borrower can also take advantage of the installment jump and installment change flexibility options. The first allows you to skip the payment of a monthly installment for a maximum of three times during the financing. These installments will be moved to the end of the amortization plan.

The installment change option instead allows the beneficiary to independently change the amount of the monthly installment to be paid. This option can be used once a month for the entire duration of the loan, in compliance with the minimum and maximum amount set by Astro Finance.

Both the installment change option and the installment jump option can only be activated after the repayment of the first 6 amortization installments.

Astro Finance offers without paycheck: Promotions in progress

Astro Finance offers without paycheck: Promotions in progress

Various promotions are currently underway regarding personal loans without Astro Finance paychecks. One of these concerns loans for home renovation. This offer which sees the concession of 15 thousand USD to be repaid in 96 monthly installments of 199 USD each. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.25% and 6.43% respectively.

Also take into consideration the promotion that affects personal loans without Astro Finance leisure paychecks. Against a loan of 3 thousand USD, a repayment plan is envisaged which extends for 36 installments of 93.30 USD each. The interest rate applied (Tan) is fixed at 7.48% while the Taeg stands at 7.74%.

We remind you that all Astro Finance personal loans can be requested directly online, using the digital signature services made available by the financial company. There are no costs for training the application, installment collection costs, periodic communications. The borrower is also exempted from paying stamp duty.