Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck: the best offers in progress

Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck: the best offers in progress

You want to carry out your projects, your old washing machine no longer wants to know how to work, it started going around the house during the spin cycle. In short, you can do several things, buy a leash but I see it paradoxical or take a new one but the finances are not exactly the best. Or, you are a musician and that electric bass guitar could change your musical projects. I mean, you need a loan but you don’t have a paycheck? From today, Astro Finance supports you step by step in realizing your desires by offering you different solutions of loans without paychecks.

Let’s start by saying that Astro Finance is a credit company, which has all the financial strength of Best Bank behind it. So you don’t have a paycheck? Astro Finance still grants you a personal loan, putting in condition even those who are in serious difficulties but do not know how to get a loan.

How the Astro Finance loan works without a paycheck

A necessary premise: what does paycheck commonly represent for the various credit companies? The paycheck is a sort of guarantee, for the refund of the financial performance paid by the credit institution. In this sense, the paycheck is configured almost as a prerequisite that small amounts of money, the famous liquidity, are required, which instead requires consolidations, or extinction of previous loans taken out with other companies in the sector. Very often, as a further guarantee, some institutions claim, in addition to the paycheck also the fact that the contractor has had an ongoing contract with the company for several years, better indefinitely with public bodies, another element that increases the guarantee of the employer’s solidity of work.

Now, what is the innovation, I dare say, revolutionary of Astro Finance? First of all, Astro Finance’s corporate mission is to meet the needs of all its customers and for this reason, it does not use the paycheck to disburse the loan if you want and the procedure is so quick and fast that it is possible. activate a loan also online.

The economic capacity of Astro Finance consists of a portfolio of offers to its customers, scalable and suitable for the needs of all users who decide to adhere to their offers: Astro Finance offers clear, transparent, rapid and personalized contracts.

TAN and APR Astro Finance funding without paycheck

Let’s start by saying that the TAN is not a tango danced hastily but it is an acronym that represents precisely the Net Annual Rate while the APR is another acronym that means Global Effective Annual Rate. Having clarified the meaning of the terms, it does not take long to understand that if Astro Finance does not ask for costs of any kind for the return of the amount paid, the TAN becomes very close to the APR, saving the customer a lot over time.

Another thing that Astro Finance offers its customers is the remodeling of the installment after a little time so that the user is much more facilitated in the return. Well, aside from the easy irony, it is clear that the paycheck still offers guarantees but for Astro Finance it is not a problem, it is happy to provide the personal loan without problems.

However, like all credit institutions, as not charities but companies that provide financial services, Astro Finance ensures that its customer is still in a position to be able to return what has been disbursed. They are not restrictive guarantees but protect both the company and the customer. There are conditions in which the client, despite having a certain possibility of covering the loan, is not facilitated in the provision of the loan. Astro Finance is close to customers in all these cases.

Below is a list of the categories of users that Astro Finance would be ready to host at its offices and willingly offer financing. The term “atypical” defines the worker belonging to that professional category who provides occasional collaboration services; among the “atypical” are also professional categories such as coordinated and continuous workers. What is important to clarify about these two professional categories mentioned above is that they often work with contracts that catalog them as self-employed workers and for many credit institutions the guarantees they offer to cover the credit disbursed are not sufficient. Another professional category is part-time workers who for the above reasons cannot guarantee adequate guarantees.

For students, Astro Finance offers a very interesting product called “Comevoglio, young projects” which provides for a very advantageous offer at the age of eighteen to thirty-five.

Another professional category is part-time workers who for the above reasons cannot guarantee adequate guarantees.

  • unemployed;
  • black-collar workers who despite having an income do not have a formal paycheck;
  • housewives.

Other categories are the unemployed, undeclared workers who have no way to prove it and housewives in the face of an income wage. However, these three categories require a guarantor, friends, relatives or a mortgage with a value commensurate with the amount requested.

Last thing, for a Astro Finance loan without a paycheck you must be at least eighteen and not more than seventy-five and you must be an Italian citizen with a bank account.

How much is Astro Finance willing to pay you

Prafrasando a very popular advertising, Astro Finance gives you all its gold. Aside from the easy irony, a very significant and, I would say, rather innovative feature of Astro Finance compared to other credit institutions is that there are no maximum amounts in the disbursement of credit, but the maximum funding ceiling is variable, in relation to the guarantees submitted by the user. Another innovative thing is the fact that it is not necessary to specify why a sum of money is requested from the institution as the loan is not “aimed” at the purchase of a specific product or good. Or rather, not necessarily. Yes, it can also happen that you want to buy a TV so in the store you can request to pay a certain good with Astro Finance. And of course, in that case, the loan will be finalized. In any case, come and find Astro Finance, the professionals in the office will be able to advise you on the product that best suits your needs, providing you with a taylor made solution.

Why choose Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck?

Why choose Astro Finance personal loans without paycheck?

Who can apply for personal loans without Astro Finance paycheck? The loans without paychecks are funding aimed at people who do not have an employment contract of indefinite duration. In principle, these are credit lines that allow access to sums of up to $ 20 thousand, repayable with a multi-year amortization plan (always less than 10 years).

To obtain this type of financing it is necessary to produce guarantees alternative to the paycheck, such as for example a property on which to affix a mortgage or a rent received on a home owned by a third party. Self-employed workers can access these loans by submitting their tax return.

Those who are not in possession of any of these guarantees can instead resort to the figure of a guarantor, who can count on a demonstrable fixed income, whose function is to repay the debt in case of insolvency by the applicant.

Loans for home renovation

Among the various financial companies that offer personal loans without paychecks, Astro Finance stands out, offering various credit lines for the purchase of goods or services. The payable amount, which varies from product to product, is between 3 and 25 thousand USD.

Also very interesting is the offer that provides for the granting of personal loans without Astro Finance paychecks for the financing of home renovation works. In this case, the maximum amount that can be financed is 60 thousand USD (minimum one thousand USD) to be repaid with an amortization plan that cannot exceed 108 months.

Installment jump and installment change options

The borrower can also take advantage of the installment jump and installment change flexibility options. The first allows you to skip the payment of a monthly installment for a maximum of three times during the financing. These installments will be moved to the end of the amortization plan.

The installment change option instead allows the beneficiary to independently change the amount of the monthly installment to be paid. This option can be used once a month for the entire duration of the loan, in compliance with the minimum and maximum amount set by Astro Finance.

Both the installment change option and the installment jump option can only be activated after the repayment of the first 6 amortization installments.

Astro Finance offers without paycheck: Promotions in progress

Astro Finance offers without paycheck: Promotions in progress

Various promotions are currently underway regarding personal loans without Astro Finance paychecks. One of these concerns loans for home renovation. This offer which sees the concession of 15 thousand USD to be repaid in 96 monthly installments of 199 USD each. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.25% and 6.43% respectively.

Also take into consideration the promotion that affects personal loans without Astro Finance leisure paychecks. Against a loan of 3 thousand USD, a repayment plan is envisaged which extends for 36 installments of 93.30 USD each. The interest rate applied (Tan) is fixed at 7.48% while the Taeg stands at 7.74%.

We remind you that all Astro Finance personal loans can be requested directly online, using the digital signature services made available by the financial company. There are no costs for training the application, installment collection costs, periodic communications. The borrower is also exempted from paying stamp duty.

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